Chameleonic is an arranging, composition, transcription and orchestration service created to meet the high expectations of musicians from any genre and background.

Founded in 2016 by violinist Elena Abad, Chameleonic offers a wide range of possibilities from pop and rock song co-writing, to classical full-orchestral arrangements.


- Music Arranging Service/Orchestration - If you have a piece of music already composed, we are able to rearrange it for different instruments (or voices). [This is ideal for musicians looking to rearrange for different instruments/voices a song or piece already composed]. You may be looking to add new instruments to it or to simply swap the original instrumentation for a different one (or both things at the same time). You may also be looking to harmonise a melody.


- Composition - Do you need a new song, melody, tune, piece...? Whatever it is we can make it for you from scratch to any brief you give us.


- Transcription and Copying - Need a beautifully presented set of score and parts? This service is ideal for people wanting to have a customised or special layout for their music, or wanting to transcribe sheet music from an audio recording. We can also make professionally presented editions of your hand-written music. [You may also be interested in transcribing a rusty piece of music originally written by hand into a nice clear print.]

- Song co-writing - Have you composed a song but you feel there is something missing and cannot work out what it is? We can help you find that 'something'! Our song co-writing service offers a wide range of possibilities. We can help you find the full potential of your song or we can compose something you may like to add on top of it, be that anything from a solo violin to a symphony orchestra!